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Zontes ZT310-M

£4,399.00* + OTR (finance available)
Engine: 312cc Colour: Black In Stock: Yes

Zontes ZT310-M Overview

A compact maxi scooter designed for the modern world, the Zontes ZT310-M is spacious to ride without compromising agility. Compared to its peers the M310 outperforms in weight, power and economy…and this is before you consider the stunning design cues and specification.

Twin Radiators
Excellent cooling enhances power, economy and durability.

Superb Ground Clearance
Boasting 155mm of ground clearance the M310 is at home with all the city streets can through at it

Electrically Adjustable Windshield
The large windshield is raised and lowered with the push of a switch. With the head on airstream lifted overhead, long journeys become infinitely more comfortable.

Hidden Phone/Nav Mount
Secluded from sight under the handlebar cover lies a mounting point for an accessory mount. Different manufacturer mounts can be connected to hold your mobile phone or dedicated
sat nav device.

Second Generation Keyless Control System
An encrypted proximity fob enables unlocking and locking of your scooter without the need for traditional keys. This enhanced security feature keeps you scooter safe whilst adding convenience to operation. The fob can be kept in a pocket and will activate within 1.5m of the scooter.

Strong Forks & Twin Rear Shocks
Suspension tuned to find a happy balance between sporty handling and comfort.

TFT Full Colour Screen
A TFT full colour screen keeps the rider fully informed. The display has four personalised themes available and has two backlight modes, manual and automatic. Automatic adjusts the backlight intensity according to the change in ambient light, responding quickly and conveniently.

The latest Bosch EFI system integrates functions such as headlight control, fan control, and sports & energy-saving dual-mode. The latest system can deliver performance and optimum economy as desired.

12AH Large Capacity Battery
A large capacity supports the daily function of the M310 and performs well on cold winter mornings.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
With monitors in both front and rear wheels the rider is alerted to incorrect (high or low) tyre pressures, thus enhancing rider safety. Further by operating at the correct pressure the tyres wear better giving longer life and fuel economy is optimised.

Twin Fast Charging USB Ports
The USB charger (fast charging version) provides two USB output ports that support QC3.0 fast charging for riders. During fast charging, the output power of a single port can reach 18W, and the total output power of dual ports can reach 36W at the same time. The shell is made of high temperature flame retardant material, whilst the ports have a built-in high-precision hardware current limiting chip, which ensures that each port works within the safe current range, effectively preventing an occurrence of output overcurrent, input overvoltage, output short circuit, etc., greatly improving safety.

Pure-Aluminium Cylinder
Cast and CNC machined in house, the all-aluminium cylinder operates without a liner, which facilitates larger waterways to channel heat away more efficiently. Improved heat dissipation enhances both performance and engine durability.

Fuel-Saving and Sports Dual Mode
A simple press of a button toggles between ECO and Sport modes to suit your ride. Mode selection is clearly visible on the digital display. When ridden in ECO mode, the system will automatically switch to Sport mode when engine speed reaches 7,000rpm; this ensures safe overtakes without compromising fuel economy.

Full LED Lights Plus Super Bright Headlights
Using an automotive-grade LED light source with natural and soft colour temperature; the illumination field is brighter with smaller luminous dilution and longer life. The light intensity of the headlight exceeds 50,000 candelas, which makes riding long-distances late at night more enjoyable. Strong LED rear lights ensure you are seen

Dual Channel Bosch ABS
The dual-channel Bosch ABS system allows the rider to calmly control the motorcycle in any unexpected situation. The ABS system brings confidence under heavy braking, especially in adverse weather and on unstable road surfaces.

Large capacity fuel tank
A 12L large-capacity fuel tank meets the needs of daily use.

High Compression Ratio Engine
The M310 engine has a high compression ratio of 11.8:1 delivering low fuel consumption whilst producing 24.5KW (32.85 bhp) and torque output of 32N.M. The latest high compression ratio engines deliver the best balance between performance and consumption available from internal combustion motors..

(OTR* First registration fee of £55 and the cost of 12 months RFL)


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